Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Picture Poems from Sharon

When i open my friendster account today, i was very surprise and flattered because my very good friend from California (sharon) send me a picture comment w/ a picture of me and her. I really thank her that much for taking her time to do it! I'm very glad to have her as my friend. Even though, we didn't met each other in person i really consider her a very close friend of mine. She is very nice and i've been chatting w/ her before. But so sad though, i wasn't able to catch up w/ her online for a quite months, maybe one the reason our time difference, she and me are both busy w/ our daily life routine. As a way of my appreciation to our friendship, i post in here the picture comments she made to let her know that i really love it! To you my dear sharon, A big Thanks! love your heart! You Take Care always Coz i really Care! luv you friend and Best regards!

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