Monday, October 6, 2008

My Experiences During My OJT..

During my 2 weeks OJT i had a very good time indeed! I learn a lot of things while i'm on OJT than on the time i had my classroom training. Aside from learning a lot things that will really help for my real job i make a lot of friends too. And on my OJT class, all of them are very nice and some of them become close to me and i'm very happy about it. The first day of my OJT i was scared to death and i am shaking all over my body when i take my first call, and i got a bad one so i was really thinking to quit right then because i thought i can't handle it and i can't do it. What it is, i still don't have any idea at all what to do and how deal with it and that what makes me very nervous, and the next 3 following days, i started to learn quit a few things but still not that much and some of those things i can't really figured out how to do it, so i'm still thinking to quit and probably the work is not really for me.

But i was so surprised because on the 2nd week of my OJT, a few of friends really help me out and keep cheering me up that i did a good job, all i have to do is to know how to handle with mad calls and just don't be bothered with it at all. So i give more focus on my training and give myself a try and it works, on the last 3days of my OJT it was the time that i understand what i am doing and i know how to do it. I am very glad and thankful to all my friends who keep cheering me and i'm glad i stayed. And during our graduation day, i am more surprised because i received an "AWARD" wow! i never expect it that i will receive an award, all that matters to me that i will be graduated and be able to do the job. Well.. all the team coaches we had told me that i really deserved it because they know that i do my best to tender my services and i'm always happy to do it. It's just too bad that we're not allowed to bring any camera inside the building so i wasn't able to took any pictures during our graduation. Anyway what is important i made it and as of this time i start loving my work and i do hope i can stay longer.

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