Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Nice to Know You Got A Friend!!

I am so happy because i know that i have a good friend where i work and i know that they do care about me. I know that anytime if i need someone to lean on or a ear to listen to my troubles they will be there for me. In a short time where i am working i found three very nice people who always help me out and make me smile when i am down. I am very happy that i became one their friends. No words can express how thankful i am that i have a kind of friend like them. I love their Heart!

In fact, last Sat. we decided to have some dinner at apple bees after work. And having their company is really fun and i enjoyed it. How i could wish we can do it often. I know i have also obligation at home but sometimes it's nice to hang out with friends once in a while and have fun. I have nothing to worry anyway with my husband because he trusted me and he knows them people that i go out with. He even told me that i deserved it to have some fun and relaxation since he knows i really work very hard. I can't ask for more, because i have a very wonderful husband who loves me and support me all the way and good friends whom i know i can lean on. I thank the lord for giving me all this wonderful people around me and for watching over me all the time.

.....This are the pictures that i took during the time we have Dinner at Apple Bees.....

This is James, making toss for our friendship!

This is Ulean, one of the Team Manager in our company.

This Dwight and James, making a good pose!

It's me and Ulean! ulean is really nice!

This is Dwight! He is my bestfriend...

Me, Dwight and James. we really enjoy the night!

Another pose for the three of Us!!


Mye said...

hi kate! good thing you have nice people who surrounds you! keep up the good work and so happy for you!

award for you sis,

have a nice day!

jHeLea said...

hello sis.....di ba sarap mag work kapag friends mo co-workers mo?...ako, I'm enjoying my work kasi friend ko lahat ng office mates enjoy ako pag nag outing kami....sarap ng feeling na you are loved....

.::. Vanny .:. said...

wow! nice friends! its totally relaxing when you know you got lots of friends.. you definitely deserved it. ;)