Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's been a while i wasn't able to check my blog.....It really came across my mind that i will delete this blog since i really don't have time for it. However part of me will say no and in fact i do miss blogging, I miss blog hopping and reading updates w/ my friends blog. So i told myself when i will have time to do so, i will check my blog and do some update to it.. hehehe.. well i'm glad that i'm still here, though i don't keep it up but i am really happy that i don't delete this one. Hopefully later on i will have more time to write up something and update my blog. Lots of things has happend to me for those all days, weeks and months that i am not around and i don't know which one that i will write or i where will start. Anyway, I'm glad that i didn't forget my password for this one. And i'm still glad that some of friends here wasn't getting tired of leaving me a pm and checking here. I really Do Thank to all of them and i will do my best that somehow i will be able to visit your blog and say Hello. Once again I big THANKS from ME!!! MISS YAH!!


♥ K.i.i.k.a.Y ♥ said...


lahat naman tayo medyo nawawalan ng time...kasi busi busihan sa life like work and that...

its good that u didnt delate your blog kasi minsan nakakawala din to ng pagod hehe

napadanz lang ;]

HOMER said...

Hi there visiting you!

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ASWANI said...

Hello, how are you? seeing your blog after so long. keep it up. One request - please update my link on your blog with the new one -

Thanks :)

Oleg said...

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