Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ramdom Thoughts...

* We supposed to go to a Filipino-American picnic but we can't go since i have to report to work for some important matters.

* My Hubby Took me to work and he just waited for me there til i get out. I stayed there for a couple of hours.

* We went to get some of our groceries and i buy me something special for myself as a remembrance of my First pay day.

* I treat my Hubby to KFC since he loves to eat their.

* I sent my mama some money and then give her a call a while ago.

* We stroll around the town and went also to Mt. mission.

* I watched a movie and after that i do my blog hopping tonight.

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kumagcow said...

Hi there! Just dropping by again in your awesome blog ^_^ hope you visit my blog too! ^_^ Updates on Olympics available!