Sunday, September 7, 2008

Love Working Overtime!!

As of this time, i am starting to love my work, anyway i really like to do it since i start my training class, but the problem is along the way, i find it hard since i don't have any idea at all about the work that i am with. And since i'm not good in math the more i find it difficult. Or maybe i just don't give my best to do it that's why i feel that the work is not for me. But right now that i am on the really thing, i'm starting to love it since i do understand now what i am doing however some things i still don't know about it. Everyday i learn different things and i like it because i am learning. I'm getting use to it and able to work with under pressure. In fact, i really thought that i will be quiting by now since i am facing on numbers all the time and dealing with this mad calls, but i am not, i start enjoying my work and i found it myself that math is not really hard, the thing is that i am so lazy to learn to it before because i hated numbers. hehehe.. Well.. i can't escape now since i have to deal with numbers everyday. And in my surprise! i guess i'm getting better in that area, calculating numbers and analyzing..grrrrrrr.. i hope i am really.. (smile..hehehe..) Well, it doesn't matter anyway, what is important that i am learning and i am enjoying it now. A matter of fact, i love working overtime and staying late at work, it's not because of the money i earn but because i find it so interesting and i really enjoying dealing with different peoples over the phone. What happen now, my hubby is gettin worried about me because he thinks i work very hard and not even given myself a rest since i work overtime almost everyday and even on saturday. hehehe. I don't know why but i really like working now than just staying home and do nothing most of the time. But of course i will still find time for myself to do some fun and pleasure because i know it's not good either to work yourself to death. hehehe. And me and my hubby went out for a little window shopping and strolling around today and we eat out too. We have fun and we enjoy every time that we're out!

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