Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How would you know that you have WISDOM?

I remembered, way back on my second year college, Our teacher in Philosophy (Dr. Gavino Lumapas) ask a very interesting question as a motivation before starting his lesson for that day. The question is very simple to think but none of us was able to answer it. Different points of view and perceptions, but all of them is not the right answer. And then suddenly, silence occupied the room because everybody in the class try to think for an answer. The question is very simple, "HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE WISDOM? We think, and think, yeah, the question was realistic and you know that you have wisdom, But none of can explain and can't even give a correct answer. So, our teacher then said, a lot of us think that we're too smart for everything or he/she is very highly intellectual. But most of us can't even explain and answer a simple question, how would you know that you have wisdom, In fact wisdom is the root of all we're doing and the main reason why we think. And he said, it's too bad, because of all the class I handle, only one student was able to use her wisdom and knows that she has it. he said, her answer is very simple, "Sir, i know i have wisdom because i am standing right now and answering your question. After hearing that from our teacher, all of us was amazed and awakened because it was TRUE!


oping said...

what i realize about philosophy is, "sometimes questions are more important than answers." thats why simple question mostly come up with big answer.

armilda said...

Oh cool, it's Socrates!

Sanchoism said...

wisdom speaks for itself.