Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Tag From Mye.. Thank You so much for sharing this Tag.

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My Hubby is a very good man, He's a kind of person that don't say that much. He don't even want to agrue things. If he's not in a mood, he rather stay at our bedroom than to start picking on me. He meant everything to me. He don't let the day go by w/out tellin how much he love and care about me. In times of mis-understanding, he won't let the day pass w/out fixing things and clarifying it. In fact, He's a great father to his three kids, everytime their in troubles and problems her never turn his back to them. He's a person who is very supportive and have a big, soft heart. He cares about other feelings. That's why i'm very proud of my hubby because i know he's a great person and good fellowmen.

I'm passing this tag to Grace, Hazel and Joy.


hazelicious929 said...

hello Kate! I will post the tag on Father's day ha... June 15. thanks

JeFf & NoVa said...

Hi kate.... thanks for the often visit... i do really appreciate it girl =),

how's your day? mao jud ba.. pastan na jud kalisud sa akong economiya maong daghan nga tawo nga muambak nlng jud sa kalayo para maka survive sa kalisuron, pero ug ako lang... try to think the consequences after you have done such sinned...

imong soul magsuffer forever eternity...

but we can't blame them for doing such things, as they have the free will to choose...

thanks for sharing about your daddy dear...