Friday, May 9, 2008

My Country Home

Some place in philippines is real beautiful. I could say the place where i was raise is a wonderful place indeed. Even though that most of the mountains is been develop into house development since the population is growing more every year but the natural beauty of the nature will stay there. How i could wish that man won't harm our natural resources since it's a great gift from above that we have to take good care off.

But as generation past by, different trends and fashion and the different human needs is Fast growing too. One of this needs, is a House to be called"HOME" and since we don't have no more place to build our home, we have to level the mountain and settle there. That's the fact on todays generation since in urban area is over pupulated and some people would still love to feel the fresh air and be away from so much crowd, That's how the idea of developing the mountains into a house project come out since it's todays demand.

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