Thursday, September 18, 2008

Windows Vista is so Easy and Friendly User!!!

I'm so glad that my desktop has Windows Vista now. I heard a lot of good things about it and heard bad things also about the windows vista. But a friend of mine always told me that windows vista works so great on her and she loves it though quite a few people sees it in a different way. And since i trust my friend words, I upgraded my desktop right away.

When i heard about
Windows Vista i get curious since most of my friends told me that it's very easy to use, it's a friendly user and very handy. So, i upgraded my desktop so that i can have vista with it and see it for myself. First, it's hard for you to understand how to operate it but it won't take you very long to configure everything because it's really easy and it's true that Windows Vista is so handy and a friendly user. What i love about it? of course the features and it has a solution center where you can type in and it will help you to answer your question or search something anything that you need. With Windows Vista everything is so perfect since it has Small Business Assurance Program started by Microsoft that aims to provide free support, compatibility assistance and one-on-one coaching from Microsoft to keep your experience with Windows Vista smooth and hassle-free. It has free customer support that you can avail anytime you need it. With Windows Vista it comes along with Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player where you can play all your favorite music. And everything comes so handy anytime and it's easy to use. And if you will ask me if i am going to stick with Vista? my answer is absolutely YES!

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